Your Current Situation is Not Your Final Destination

Photo via iStock/Getty Images Plus/Manuel Tauber-Romieri

If you know anybody who has been on one of my programs or is a herbal patient of mine they will tell you that this is the mantra I try to get them to adopt.

COVID has brought all sorts of mental challenges in the year or  so that it has been with us. Some of those challenges, particularly people feeling isolated, weren’t around just over a year ago as we could shake hands and hug those we love and are close to.

Times and things have changed in the 13/14 month window but you can’t focus too much on that because where you were back then probably doesn’t look like your life where it is now and the same can be said for the future.

Where you are now doesn’t dictate where you are going to end up. If anybody had told me in college that I would end up as a herbalist/writer/wellness mentor I probably would have thought they were insane and the next stage of my journey to my destination has only just begun.

We can become easily depressed, anxious or disillusioned with where we are right now instead of trying to grow where you are planted. Mathew 6:27 says ‘Who of you will add a single hour to your life by worrying.’ I think that says it all really.

So focus on the destination and not the current situation.

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