Chapter 1: Overcome Doubt and Negative Thinking Now

Chapter 1: Overcome Doubt and Negative Thinking Now

‘Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.’ – Suzy Kassem

To get started on your journey towards mastering the skill of positive thinking, you need to get rid of all traces of doubt and negative thinking as soon as possible. If you continue doubting yourself, you’re never going to get the life you desire or the body shape you desire. In fact if you are a negative thinker as your default button, the chances are that you are not satisfied with your body shape and that leads towards more negative thinking.

For some people looking to change their outlook on life can be a very scary step because they are stepping out of their present comfort zone and into a new comfort zone. It may be that they are too afraid to deal with the reality that failure is a necessary – and important – step towards success.

Doubters will doubt themselves. They’ll doubt the people around them. They’ll doubt everything and everyone. These people are downers. They literally make everyone around them suffer just by being near them. Does this sound like you? I sure hope not! No one wants to be around a Negative Nancy or Nigel so you definitely shouldn’t ever want to be one!

Just like most things in life, overcoming doubt and negative thinking is easier said than done. Sure, it’s easy to utter positive words when you need to. But deep inside you know your first instinct is to say something gloomy or depressing. You need to put a stop to your destructive inner voice right now.