Exercises To Help With Anxiety


 Pick a sound or object to be your anxious feeling breaker.

For me it is one of two things clouds or water. We have lots of both in Ireland.

If you’re stuck in traffic and starting to feel anxious, pull in, look up and observe the clouds.

 For you it might be the sound of waves on the shore download it on  your so you can have it with you when you need it. It doesn’t matter what it is once it occupies your mind and takes your mind off what is causing you to be anxious.

This simple exercise is all about doing two things.

It is all about changing your thought patterns. You know that if you are prone to feeling anxious or getting a full-blown panic attack that there are certain things you will begin to feel just before it kicks off and this exercise can break that pattern. And it leads me nicely into the second thing the exercise does. It makes you become more self aware. If you know that you are starting to feel the very early signs of anxiety or a panic attack then you can begin to nip it in the bud before it becomes something a lot more serious. There are more things you can do to help your anxiety. Go to my new website www.keepwellholistic.com and read the rest of the blog or try my Vitamin B complex (see Below).

 Repeat: “I am good worth it.”

Keep the repeating the phrase ‘I am worth it.’

Even if you don’t meet  or think you don’t meet other people’s standards or your  own, you are good enough and that’s all that really matters. Maybe it’s the standards or the other people that need adjustment.

So whenever you feel the pinch of anxiety remind yourself that you are good enough.

As soon as your body gets into the habit of saying it and believing it, because believing it is the key to change, watch how you shoulders physically drop once you start to repeat and believe.

Take it one minute at a time.

One adjustment that helps relieve anxiety is reminding  yourself  that you don’t have to think at 10am about 2:45 pm when you pick up the kids from school or hold a staff meeting and how you will be able to cope with the noise and chaos when you’re  feeling this way, or about a friendship issue or whether or not you’re strong enough to continue doing what doing or whether you need to know where the next toilet is if you have a bowel issue.

All you have to worry about is the very next second before you, then you can think about the next minute.

People who suffer from anxiety tend to overplan and over think the future. Sure you have to think about the future, but you don’t have to do it every minute of every day.

 If  you are successful at breaking your time down into bite sized chunks, you usually discover that everything is fine for the moment.

Pay attention to your breath.

Another easy exercise to ground yourself in the moment and manage anxiety is to concentrate on your breath–and move it ever so gradually from your chest to your diaphragm– this means that your stomach is coming out when you are breathing. Make sure to breath in and out your nose as well as this helps the body to retain more CO2 which is a muscle relaxant.

Check youtube on diaphramatic breathing.

Learn from it.

Anxiety doesn’t have to be triggered by an event, but it certainly can motion some adjustment that you need to make in your life.  Your anxiety says that you are  doing too much, once again.  You’re running on fumes because you are spending too much time worrying about what will happen an hour from now, a day from now a week or  a month from now.

Worry about the next second and when you  get through that worry about the next second. Live more in the now rather than making mountains out of mole hills of the future.

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