Health Benefits of Green Tea, from a Holistic Wellness Herbalist’s Point of View

Green Tea as a fat burner!

Most people drink green tea for its weight loss properties but if they knew green tea like I know green tea from my experience as a holistic herbalist and as a food scientist, then they might make sure to include it as part of the daily hot tea, bottled water drink or iced tea routine.

There are huge benefits from drinking my green teas, no matter what form you take it in and that fact that my teas are powdered means you can used them in your smoothies if they are part of your weight loss journey.

Green tea has earned its reputation for aiding weight loss because it contains a catechin call EGCG Epigallocatechin Gallate 3 (that’s quite a mouthful) but what the research has shown it does is aid burning beige and brown fat.

You didn’t know that you had different colour fats!

Me neither until I did a lot of research for a paper.

In a nutshell, the length of time it has been on your body basically dictates the colour so white is the newbie fat. Beige is so last year and brown is that ice cream and cookies (or 20 you had a few years ago)  

The good news is that EGCG helps burn beige and brown fat according to the studies carried out on thermogenesis (a fine big word for fat burning ability)

Green Tea Supports Brain Health, Skin Health and Heart Health

The fat burning abilities are just one of many other benefits green tea enjoys and among the others are brain health, skin health and heart health. Again, it is that E.

GCG which green tea has in high quantities.  EGCG gives a lot of health to your bodies general health because green tea can help with the reduction and formation of free radicals in your body.

Free radicals are those things that can change a health cell into a very unhealthy cell and bring on all sorts of chronic diseases.

Damage by these free radicals can be caused by everyday stress, the foods we eat or by smoking or drinking alcohol.

The bad news for those who are smokers or drinkers, is that you develop these free radicals more easily and even if they don’t cause disease, they play a huge part in the rate we age.

Maybe Green tea is a way to turn back the clock on aging as well as help losing weight.


Have you ever powdered a small bowl of puffed rice breakfast cereal to a dust. It barely makes a teaspoon. Everything powdered gives more bang for your buck!

And my tea is the same. First of all, there is no messing about with strings and making it looking like you’ve got a tampon in a cup with the string hanging out the side.

There is now polypropelene (PPE) in your tea bag (that is a plastic with one of the leading European tea brands containing as much as 33% PPE)

And most importantly, there is no fluoride in the tea bag to make it seem whiter than white.

What you get is a simple powdered green tea (the amount of powder is typically more than an average leaf bag) as well as flavours and botanicals.

Because I am a holistic herbalist by profession, I have chosen the herbs I use most in my practice as well as the herbs that will bring particular benefits to ensure that you get a tea that tastes totally different to what’s on the market at the moment and more importantly to help you!

My tea is processed in the same way as matcha tea is processed (matcha tea is grown under dark covers for the last two weeks before picking whereas green tea isn’t.  They are from the same tea plant)

Mine is quick and easy to make, it’s a quarter of a teaspoon into the cup hot water or cold water in start job done and you don’t have to add anything to us.

A Different Kinda Buzz to Coffee

Tea, whether it is black, green or white can act as a stimulant. Black – especially when made strong – is definitely a stimulant and while green teas contains caffeine, it is not to the same degree as black tea and it has other properties to counteract some of the effects.

Let me explain,

Have an expresso or an Americano in the morning and for a short while you will have ‘an energy buzz.’ That’s because coffee contains a high amount of caffeine which can stimulate brain function (for a lot of people that can be a bad thing and it is a relaxing beverage they should be looking for)

Green tea though gives a different kind of buzz.  

You get a very gentle sloping lift but it’s much longer lasting than caffeine so you don’t get those jittery effects that can sometimes get after too much caffeine.

While caffeine can help with mental focus, it can also exacerbate anxiety issues, and after the caffeine ‘high’ can leave you feeling deflated and out of sorts. My green tea certainly won’t make you feel that way.

What it will do is give you more energy over a longer time and when you add in something like ginseng that energy can be the difference between having a good day and a bad day.

I’m not saying it will make you like superman or superwoman but it will certainly help get you through those tough parts of the day when you feel like your battery is about to run dry.

And there is no need to worry too much about the caffeine affects in green tea because green tea also contains a brain boosting amino acid called L theanine. And it’s one of the few amino acids that can cross the blood brain barrier. L theanine is brilliant for increasing the activity of GABA, which is a neurotransmitter that has an anti-anxiety effect.

L theanine also increases dopamine, and so what green tea means is that you don’t get the buzz, but you do get the energy. It’s a far more stable source of energy as well.

Green Tea Protects Against Cancer – Fight the good fight

I don’t have to tell you how cancer has ravaged the modern world. It is due to modern eating habits, modern stress habits, (some of it is genetic you say and that only means that previous generations had the wrong eating habits and stress habits)

Cancer has become one of the developed world’s leading causes of death and as a result a lot of research has gone into finding the root cause for the oxidative damage that can lead to inflammation, and cell change because at its basis that is what cancer is.

And that’s why there’s so much emphasis put on antioxidants, without oxidation (spillage out of the cell or change in some for in the cell) these horrible diseases do not have the soil to grow in.

Green Tea is Overflowing with Antioxidants

Green tea is really powerful source of antioxidants (to stop the cell damage). Researchers have linked green tea compounds to the possible reduction in certain types of cancer including breast cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer. If you look up the research that’s been done and there is a huge number of actual studies been done and currently being done particularly for the colorectal cancer and the ability of green tea to keep some of these potential issues at bay then making green tea/cold infusion/iced tea part of your daily routine is vital.

Green Tea Supports Immunity: Anti-bacterial Properties

One of the great benefits in all green teas is its anti-bacterial properties.

Up to a 100 years ago people could make a spit poltice with crushed dried leaves and you guessed it their own spittle.

It was used for cuts or sores or boils to make sure they didn’t become infected.

There are studies being carried out at the moment, to test some of the catechins that are found in green tea. Green tea contains gallic acid and that can help suppress the growth of certain types of bacteria, which could potentially lower the risk of infections in your mouth which can cause bad breath.

The bacteria responsible for that is called Streptococcus mutans, which left untreated can help in the formation of oral plaque on your teeth.

This in turn can lead to gum disease, tooth decay and bad breath. The current studies are checking to see if those catechins in the green tea inhibit the growth of the bacteria.

The early results look promising so as well as looking after your heart, your brain, your digestive system and your waistline we might be able to add that it looks after bad breath and cavities some time in the future as well!

So, drinking green tea could mean that people aren’t afraid to get closer to you and could also mean less visits to the dentist’s chair.

Green Tea Helps Prevent Diabetes

Green tea and ginseng both have a part to play in the prevention of diabetes. One of the main health scourges of the western lifestyle is Type 2 Diabetes. That is the insulin resistant type of diabetes where our bodies are no longer capable of producing the required amount of insulin that we need for food metabolism and as obesity rates rise – particularly in millennials – so too are the levels of pre diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

Small changes in what we eat and what we drink can make a huge difference to the prevention of the diabetes. There have been numerous studies carried out on the role that green tea can play in weight gain prevention as well as diabetes onset. Probably the biggest single study was done in Japan, where it was found that the people who drank the most green tea had a 42% lower risk of getting type two diabetes than those who didn’t drink it. Imagine changing the odds that much in your favour by making just one change in your diet!

In a review of many studies which involved nearly 300,000 individual green tea drinkers, the incidence over a six-year period was far lower than the average non green tea drinker. Ginseng has been shown in studies to lower blood glucose levels so the combination of green tea and ginseng is just what the doctor ordered.

That’s food for thought or should I say drink for thought.

Shania Twain summed it up best when she said a happy heart comes first, then a happy face. And the happy physical heart can be achieved by drinking green tea.

You see, green tea is of great benefit to our cardiovascular systems and may help in preventing some of the cardiovascular diseases including heart disease and stroke.

Both of those take a huge toll on society with the amount of deaths and disabilities they cause as well as no small costs on providing health care for them.

Some studies have shown that green tea can improve some of the main risk factors for the disease, which includes improving total cholesterol, and the LDL (which is the bad cholesterol levels). Green tea also increases the antioxidant capacity of the blood which protects the LDL particles from oxidization and what that means is that because the antioxidant capacity is increased, the LDL particles have less chance of actually sticking to nano abrasions on artery walls which is how plaque begins to build up on the arterial walls. The polyphenols in green tea stop the LDL from oxidizing (bursting) and is one of the ways to help start creating a healthy heart.

People who drink green tea, have been shown to be up to 30%, lower risk of dying from a cardiovascular disease, which makes it a vital part of your daily beverage consumption.

The fact that you can make my teas as a cold-water infusion to drink throughout the day makes it an easier choice while the natural flavours used take away that awful grassy taste that you get with some green teas.

Green Tea Boosts Energy and Metabolism

Green tea has been studied more than any other beverage on the planet for its weight loss benefits as the world begins to try to get to grips with obesity. One of the areas that has been studied is the area of boosting metabolism. And that is an area that green tea has been used for thousands of years. In the countries where it is grown, it was used both as an energy booster and for staying trim.

The EGCG – a compound found in green teas – is the part of the green tea that is responsible for the improvement in metabolism. While it would be great to say that green tea is the be all for weight loss you have to do other things to speed up your metabolism as well such as exercising but green tea can give you that kickstart on a diet or a lifestyle change.

The fact that my teas are flavoured and two of them have a specific herb in them (cardamom) to help with sugar cravings, makes them a must have in your battle against the bulge. There’s been a huge amount of studies done on how thermogenesis (the rate that you burn fat) is improved in tandem with improving your metabolic rate and green teas seem to tick all the right boxes.

While results have varied there is a common thread running through the studies which shows that green tea can help in the reduction of body fat, especially in the abdominal area. In one of the studies done 240 obese people were put on green tea while a control group were put on a non-green tea regimen. All those on the green tea had decreases in their body fat percentage and their waist circumference than those who were not on it.

It’s certainly something to consider if you are thinking of a lifestyle change.