I’ve combined ancient ingredients with modern food technology to bring you flavoured and powdered green teas that you will love as a drink but also to use in your food.

If you love to cook and experiment with foods in different ways then this recipe book will give you new ways to use our green teas for maximum benefit and enjoyment.

We understand that everybody lives busy lives where convenience is a priority so we have kept the recipes as easy to make as possible. Sometimes green tea can be an acquired taste as can other herbs so if you can take the detox and weight-loss benefits of our Skinny green tea and use it in a way that you can take it (in a shake or a cake) then all the better.

You are the expert on how your body and you are feeling. Sometimes you just have to sit and listen. Maybe you need a pick me up in the mid-morning or mid-afternoon then the ginseng, cardamom and orange can be added to your bottle of water, made as a cup of tea or put into a shake or a biscuit.

It’s not until we try something either by accident or design that we can truly say it works. That is the same when it comes to using Keepwell green teas in a way that you might not have thought of before.

Over the years people have experimented with using green teas in many different ways and at first – like anything new – it can feel a bit strange putting some of the green tea that you would normally drink cold after a gym workout into your lunch or dinner preparation.

Have you ever tried cooking your porridge in your favourite beverage? No; then just open your mind to the possibility that it can be done and try some of Keepwell’s recipes using our instant flavoured green teas.

Trying them in a different format is like anything in life, you have to do and repeat a few times to gain confidence in them. As you gain confidence in how they flavour your food so too will those who eat the food. It’s about having the confidence to experiment a bit and find how your flavoured tea will add a new dimension to your dinner.

Again, in a reflection on life, it is important to start small and build bit by bit. Add a pinch of the tea and see how it affects the flavour of your dish and more importantly if you like what it does to the flavour!

Our green tea was used to add extra nutritional value to shakes, cakes, vegetables, fish and poultry.

Yes, we have included some indulgent recipes as once a week treats and no more.