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We are the complete wellness site where we look after your body, mind and spirit. We look after your body with our green teas and supplements, your mind with the books on offer in our Bookstore and through our Wheel of Wellness Program and spirit through our Blog site. The founder of Keepwell Holistic Wellness is Sean McCarthy, a herbalist, wellness mentor and author. He uses his extensive knowledge to help people achieve health and life goals through the use of herbs, wellness mentoring and his own health experiences.

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Try Before You Buy

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We will send a sample pack of each of our three green teas to anywhere in the world for FREE. All you pay is the postage.

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Keepwell green tea and supplements

Take a sip in the right direction to Losing Weight / Boosting Energy or Relaxing with our delicious tasting green teas with botanicals. All teas are powdered and can be made as a tea or a cold water infusion, Each of the teas has natural flavourings and different botanicals to help specific health challenges that we all face in our daily lives; whether that is having more energy, less cravings or less stress/anxiety.

Wheel Of Wellness Program

Our Wheel Of Wellness Program looks at every aspect of your mental, physical and spiritual health to give you the life you deserve. Sean's background is that he was diagnosed with Crohns Disease in 1998 and by 2001 a resection of his bowel was being talked about by his medical team but not by Sean. He chose a natural path and has been symptom free and prescription medicine free for over 15 years.

Read Our Blog

Our weekly blog takes a look at all aspects of your health and gives you an insight into your wellbeing. Sean looks to give practical and workable solutions to everyday mental, physical or emotional issues using his herbal practice experience as well as his wellness mentoring experience with you in mind.

Our Bookstore

One of the easiest ways to keep your brain young is to feed it with good information. Sean, because of his own challenges, has had to work through stress/ anxiety and self confidence issues and his books give practical advice on a wide range of subjects

Booking A Consultation

Book an appointment for a wellness assessment with Sean. He can give you insights and areas to work on to get the type of life you deserve. Appointment times are in half hour slots so if you are a new patient you will need to book three consecutive slots as the first consultation takes 90 minutes.


Drinking our green tea either as a hot tea or a cold infusion can help you reach your health goals

We take our responsibility to your health very seriously and with that in mind have sourced the finest ingredients possible that have been grown by companies who are as passionate about their business as we are about ours. "We will continually strive for excellence in our products and in our service delivery and should any of our products not arrive to you in optimum condition let us know immediately.

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