More About Us

Keepwell Holistic Wellness was founded by Irish herbalist Sean McCarthy. He believes that we need a lot of different areas of our lives to be balanced if we are to enjoy the life and health we deserve. That is why he combines the flavours and botanicals he uses in his tea in a certain combination. The Lean Green will help with weightloss, detox and sugar cravings The Boost Green will help with energy, or lack of it, with ginseng. The Relax Green tea does what it says on the pouch with passionflower which is great for stress/anxiety and sleep problems. The Vitamin B complex supplement combines the eight B vitamins with L Theanine, the relaxing amino acid from green tea, along with a sea based magnesium and vitamin C for better absorption of the B vitamins. Our Glucosamine Plus supplement combines Glucosamine with MSM, Chondroitin and ginger root powder (a naturally anti-inflammatory) for those who are looking to recuperate from a tough gym session or workout or those who are getting regular aches and pains in their joints. Sean takes the same Holistic approach to his herbal practice in Ireland looking for the root cause rather than just the symptoms while his internationally acclaimed Wheel of Wellness program has been used by top actors, singers and corporate clients.