Our Attitude Decides Whether We Will Be Better or Bitter

I always tell my patients that our attitude is like a fork in the road, go left and you’re better, go right and you’re bitter.

You could say that the only difference between Better and Bitter is ‘I’

When we deal with some of the curve balls that life throws at us once in a while (or every day in some cases) we can choose to get better and grow where we are planted or we become bitter. It comes back to the difference between the two words. ‘I’ choose.

For sure with this pandemic a lot of situations have been put beyond our control but our reaction to them is firmly within our own grasp and there are ways and means to control and replace constant negative reactions.

If we choose bitter, then the odds mount of you having a life you neither want or enjoy and will start spinning downward in  an ever decreasing circle.

If we choose better, then that circle can become an ever increasing one and which one we choose depends on how we learn to control that inner voice that has been developed through family, school, friends and experience.

All of those things can also be used to control what we say and think because we are the ones steering the bus so choose the road on the left by learning things like how to forgive. That has a huge influence on making us feel less bitter and choose gratitude which will always steer you on the road to better.

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