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1 month three tea pack. One Vitamin B Complex and one Glucosamine Plus.

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The All in one pack contains one each of the three flavours of 25g pouches (40 cup). The Lean Green will help with weight loss and sugar cravings. The Boost Green is a healthy coffee replacement due to ginseng while the Relax Green is great for those who have trouble getting to sleep or suffer from stress and anxiety due to the passionflower and mint in it.
Vitamin B Complex
My Vitamin B complex contains all eight B vitamins in high strength. What makes this B Complex different from others on the market is the magnesium (from a salt water source) and the L Theanine (the relaxing amino acid in green tea). The magnesium and L theanine combine with the B vitamins to make this supplement all about relaxing every part of the body and mind.
The vitamin C in this supplement aids better absorption of the B vitamins.

Glucosamine Plus
My Glucosamine Plus combines glucosamine with chondroitin, MSM and ginger root powder to make this supplement a must have for those who suffer from joint and muscle aches and pains as well as those who exercise or workout regularly.

Weight 128 g

1 pack, 2 packs, 3 packs


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