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Improve Your Mood with Vitamin D3

13.50 inc

1 Month’s Supply of Vegan Vitamin D3


Does your mood take a downward turn once we hit the end of August? If you live north of 37degrees latitude being deficient in Vitamin D3 could be causing or worsening your mood during autumn, winter and Spring, but there are ways to improve your mood. The benefits of Vitamin D3

Not all Vitamin D3 are created equally. We only use the best ingredients  in all our products and our Vitamin D3 is no exception.

Most of the Vitamin D3 you see advertised is derived from sheep sebum. Sebum is the oil taken from the fleece of sheep and converted to pre Vitamin D3.

Ours is Fully Vegan

I have chosen an algae source for my Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol). It is the nearest form to the cholecalciferol that our own bodies make to help absorb sunlight and convert it to vitamin D3 which help to improve your mood just as the sunshine does.

Improve Your Mood With The Sunshine Vitamin

Vitamin D3 which our bodies can generate (in Ireland for only four months of the year – minus rainy summer days so that really is about two months of year)  plays a huge role in the body’s immune response. D3 also allows  our bodies absorb calcium and phosphorus  more efficiently – something science is now proving as vital in the fight to prevent osteoporosis. See Linus Pauling Institute’s study here  Oregon State Univ Linus Pauling Institute Study

Enough but not too much

We have chosen to make it at 1000iu (microgram) strength because vitamin D3 is a fat soluble vitamin and you can get too much of a good thing! Patrick Holford’s excellent book Optimum Nutrition for Vegans  agrees Patrick Holford Book Optimum Nutrition for Vegans

Health experts are now saying that 1,000iu is sufficient for an adult or adolescent body.


Why Should You Use Vitamin D3

  • We can not produce enough in Autumn, winter and early spring
  • Deficiencies can lead to problems in later life with osteoporosis
  • It can cause Rickets Disease in children
  • It can impact on weight loss Can Vitamin D help you lose weight?
  • Heart health
  • Improve your mood


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