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Weight Loss Lean Green 40-cup 25g single pack


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Enjoy 40 plus cups of  our Weight Loss Lean Green Tea in this single 25g pouch. You are only using quarter of a teaspoon per cup or 1/4 of a teaspoon to 1/4 of a litre of water. You can make this as a cold water infusion so perf to take with you anywhere.


One of the hardest things to cope with if your goal is weight loss is to stop eating sweet or sugary foods. Our Weight Loss Lean Green Tea helps with cardamom. Cardamom has many uses including fat burning and reducing water retention. Five ways cardamom helps weight loss

Weight Loss Made A Bit Easier

There are no magic bullets in this weight loss tea  and we are not going to make outlandish claims but cardamom will definitely help with the bad habit that most people who are keen to lose weight have and that is eating sweet foods. It has become a long habit and any help you can get to break it is welcomed. It will certainly yield dividends in weight loss.

Less Cravings

Cardamom, like cinnamon, helps to balance blood sugars. Because the blood sugars are not spiking high or dropping quickly you experience less cravings. You will need a bit of willpower at the start. As you create a habit -thanks to the cardamom – that  battle gets easier over time. How cardamom helps you lose weight

The hibiscus How Hibiscus Can Help weight loss adds to the fat-burning ability of the green tea while the Zesty natural lemon flavour makes it a pleasure to drink rather than a chore.

Our Lean Green Tea with Lemon, cardamom and hibiscus can be made as a cold infusion. Make itv with your tap water or bottled water. A little of it goes a long way.

Not sure if this tea is for you?

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