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Self Discipline will help you master your life

Setting goals is the key to self discipline

If you want to achieve anything in life, be it athletic performance, weight loss or being able to master stress, then self discipline and setting goals will be the cornerstones to success.

There is no easy way around it and the people who have achieved what you want to achieve have done so because they set goals.

Self-discipline plays a pivotal role in overcoming and mastering stress and any other goals you want to achieve.

Success, in whatever field or area of life, requires three things.

1. You need to have patience and wait for it.

2. You have to persevere through the many different challenges and setbacks you encounter.

3. You also have to put in constant effort. Success usually doesn’t happen the first time you try. In fact, it can take several tries.

Success requires these three things which in turn requires self discipline.

So What’s the Problem?

Modern life and values aren’t exactly very friendly towards discipline. In fact, our modern world and the principles behind it seem to actively work against self-discipline. First of all, we want everything to be quick and easy. We order it now and we want it yesterday and I’m not just talking about products and services, I’m also talking about relationships. People even want the instant perfect relationship.

We would all like to be the straight A student who got there without study or without putting the time or effort in. It’s as if we’ve developed a sense of entitlement that life has to be fair, quick and easy and that it owes us.

Given this reality and these principles, it is no surprise that our attention span collectively has shrunk dramatically. And it’s continuing to shrink. Even modern music has gone from 5-8 second intros to now going straight into a song. That might seem simplistic but it’s not. Our attention span is getting shorter all the time.

People’s time horizon, as far as the “good things in life” are concerned, is very short. People no longer have the patience to wait. They definitely don’t have the discipline to wait around, deal with all sorts of adverse conditions, and put in constant work to get to where they want to go to.

They definitely don’t have the patience to stick with trying situations until the thing that they’re working on pans out and most big changes in life don’t happen overnight. You can be lucky and have the perfect plan work overnight but the reality is .

Unfortunately, if you want to achieve success, you need to set up goals properly and pursue those goals. See this link on goal setting Goal Setting Can Offset Life Frustration — Keepwell Holistic Wellness

Planning also requires self-discipline

You can hope and wish all you want, but big victories in your life are not going to materialize out of sheer luck. You have to plan them out and you have to work your plan. In other words, you have to set goals and implement them. Again, there goes that word: discipline is required.

Self-discipline is essential, but effective goal setting also requires clarity of purpose, proper structuring of your goals, and finally, proper measurement of your success. If you’re able to do all of these and you have the proper level of self-discipline, success becomes a habit.

Have you ever hung out with people who make a tremendous amount of money seemingly effortlessly? Are there people you know personally who declare their big plans and the next time you check with them or check with people who know them, those plans panned out successfully?

Well, those people are not magical. No. They simply picked up on the good habits of success. Simply put, people who succeed easily just make it look easy.

Believe it or not, it took a lot of falls, stumbles, overcoming doubts, challenges as well as potential humiliation to get to where they are now. The good news? Success is a habit that can be learned.

Now I know you might be thinking that successful people look, behave and sound so differently from you.

It may seem like they’re completely different from you, but understand that they’re just working out of certain habits. You don’t have to be born with those habits. All you have to do is commit to learning them and speaking them because what the tongue speaks what the heart is full of.

Believe it or not, the goals you select do have an impact on the success you achieve.

Many people fail to achieve the kind of results they’re looking for, simply because they set their eyes and their minds on the wrong set of goals. Never choose other peoples’ goals pick the ones that align with your beliefs.

Learn to set more effective goals by incorporating discipline-building

A lot of people set their goals in such a way that these goals suck up all available willpower they may bring to the table. In other words, there’s no built-in incentive or self-sustaining system in the goals. The goals just take, take and take.

Now, it doesn’t take a scientist to figure out that with such goals, it’s too easy to hit a wall. It’s too easy to think that you’re trying so hard and putting in so much time and effort and nothing seems to work. When you find yourself in that space, it’s not that difficult to start believing that you’re just not cut out for success. It’s very easy to get discouraged, and eventually, you give up.

The only way to fail at anything in life is to quit. And that’s precisely what you’re setting yourself up for if you don’t know how to set up goals to be self-sustaining. At the very least, they have to be self-sustaining in terms of your discipline.

Use daily rituals to fine tune your self discipline

You have to understand that people are what they consistently do. People can talk a good game, other people might have all sorts of mistaken notions about them, however, their real character boils down to what they consistently do. In other words, it’s all about their rituals.

Waking up and being thankful that you woke up (which beats the alternative :-)) should be the first of your morning rituals.

I try to avoid looking at my phone for at least the first half hour of every day and that takes a lot of self discipline. Instead I try to do some form of exercise or help somebody else (maybe that is just doing an extra household chore). That helps give me the most positive start possible to the day.

You may already have a set of rituals and not be aware of them, but they exist. What if I told you that you could be achieving more with your life if you only chose to be a little bit more conscious of the rituals you engage in?

Rituals have an impact on self-discipline.

Rituals can become self disciplining and have a direct and immediate impact on your performance on many different levels. At the very least, they can help or slow down the achievement of your goals.

Another thing that I will help you with involves measuring success. A lot of people sabotage themselves because they choose to measure their success in the wrong way. Now, it’s okay to measure your success in terms of ultimate measurements. For example, if you’re just starting a business, it’s okay to think from time to time about the millions of dollars you could be making.

However, if you choose to only use ultimate measurements of success, you are just setting yourself up to lose your drive, motivation and passion. Don’t be surprised if you get so discouraged and demotivated that you just give up. Sadly, people do this all the time.

Pay attention to the signals

Please understand that if you want to achieve any kind of success, you cannot stay at the same level. You might be doing things really well at that level, people might talk highly of you, but if you stay at that level and you allow your comfort zone to define what is possible for you, you’re going to get stuck so you will learn about stretching into your new comforts zones rather than being out of your present comfort zone.

You might have started the process with all these hopes and dreams and grand visions, but let me tell you, they will all remain stuck in your head. Your waking reality is not going to measure up because you refuse to scale up. That is another habit you can learn.

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