Visualisation and Its Role In Your Success

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By imagining a successful future, you will attract it

If you ever want to amount to anything in life, then you need to have goals and dreams. Once you’ve identified what it is you want, then you need to plan out the steps you must take so that you can achieve it. You need to write down a specific action plan and visualisation is one of the key tools to help you achieve your goals.


If you’ve got a larger-than-life long-term goal, then you need to break it down into 1-year goals, 2-year goals, 3-year goals, and so on, until you reach the desired endpoint.

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Now, writing your goals down on paper is great, but you also need to visualize it so you can make it come to life.

Here’s an example, if you want to become a successful business owner in 5 years, then you should define what you mean by successful.

Would you say you’re successful if you’ve built one store in your local area, or would you only consider yourself successful if you’ve got 20 stores within 5 years?

If you chose the latter, then you need to have a specific timeline in mind. On your first year, how many stores will you have? On the second year, how many additional stores will you add? And so on.

Planning is one of the keys

Planning all this is good, but you’ll take your planning to a whole different level if you visualize your goal. How about you commission an artist to draw up what your store is going to look like so you can put it up on the wall?

Somewhere you pass by every single day, so you’ll be reminded of what you want to achieve in the long run. How about by your bedside? Or how about in other high-traffic areas in your house and office?

You can even have a custom map of where you plan on having your stores – the cities and towns you plan to build a store in and what each store is going to look like. It probably sounds like a lot of expense at this point, especially if you’re just starting out. If you can see your dreams every single day – all 20 stores – then it’s going to motivate you non-stop

Visualisation Helps Motivate You

If you truly want to achieve your dreams and you see its representation every day, then you’re going to be motivated to keep going at it. On days when you feel sad or upset, you can look at an image of what you’re working so hard for.

Then think of how you’d feel when you finally achieve it, when all your hard work’s finally paid off. You’ll feel vindicated especially after all the negative people told you that you wouldn’t ever achieve your dream! Can you imagine how good that will feel?

You’ll be inspired again to continue on with what you’re doing, and you’ll tell yourself you’ll keep on working hard for your dreams!

There Is No Limit To What You Can Do

With visualisation, you’re pretty much free to chase after any dream or goal you want. You want to become a wealthy entrepreneur before you hit 30? You want to take your parents on a round-the-world trip on their golden wedding anniversary? Or how about you take your spouse on a second honeymoon by this time next year?

When you read the paragraph above, did you have a mental picture of the scenarios I painted? I bet you did. See, there’s practically no limit to what you can do and what you can dream of! The moment you visualize your dreams, the more motivated you are to go after it!

Visualisation Can Help Reduce Stress

Looking at something you want so badly makes you happy, doesn’t it?

You feel inspired, motivated and more positive about your life. This will help push your negative thoughts to the back of your mind. When you feel like this, you’re literally reducing your stress levels.

Another visualization technique to help you feel less stressed is you can try imagining being on an island (if that’s your thing!). You’re lying down on the beach and marveling at the sounds of the waves and the birds.

All your worries being blown away by the breeze. Do this for a few minutes. When you open your eyes, you’ll feel so much better!

Helps Improve Your Positive Thinking

When you visualize your dreams, you think about what lies ahead in your future. You think positively about it. Otherwise, you won’t be taking the time to visualize your dreams. As time goes by, you start adding more details to your visualizations.

If you have a mental image of being a successful entrepreneur in a few years’ time, you may start visualizing the process on how you can get there.

As you get closer to achieving your dreams, you start thinking about how you and your family’s life will change. How you can spend more time with your family, and where you’re going to spend those extra days with them! That kind of positive thinking will only continue to motivate you to pursue your dreams!

Visualisation Helps You Focus On Important Matters

You’d only visualize what’s really important to you. There’s no need to visualize things that won’t contribute to achieving your dreams. You can easily cut out all forms of negativity when you visualize your dreams.

It’s quite easy for your imagination to go off on a tangent, but if you’ve got a physical image of what you want to achieve, then it’s easier for you to focus. This is why you should consider having a printout, a drawing, a painting, or something similar, of your dreams. It lets you hone in and focus on what’s important to you and your life.

Visualisation gives you a picture of your positive future and the more you use it, the more probable it is that you will have the positive future.

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