We All Need To Be Observers Of Our Thoughts

Photo by Kat J on Unsplash

We need to be observers of our thoughts.

I always compare it to lighting a small candle in a big room.

Once it is lit, the light begins to hit every part of the room.

For a lot of people turning on a TV or opening a bottle of beer/wine is the easier option.

It helps you to distract yourself from those feelings.

The first thing to remember is that change makes you feel uncomfortable and it is supposed to. You are moving away from the known into the unknown.

Observing our thoughts also means observing the truth.

Nearly 50% of what we think happened in the past isn’t even the truth. People can relive a past they didn’t even have; where they were able to stand up to bullies/teachers/family members and because we keep repeating the story over time in our heads we begin to accept it as fact.

Where your attention goes, your energy flows. So the stronger emotion we have about something (for a lot of people it is to do with money worries) the more attention you are going to give that emotion and that is where your energy will flow.

You are literally giving your power away to this person/thing/problem and that becomes a hard power to take back. It’s not impossible, but it is almost like treating an addiction because your body has become addicted to behaving in this way to a certain stimulus.

 it’s just about turning down the volume on the emotions you already have and creating new and more positive emotions.

Gratitude for instance is a positive emotion that can take over from a negative emotion.

Photo by Ann on Unsplash

Give thanks for waking up in  the morning as your first thought rather than what your problem is. Gratitude can be as easily hotwired into your thought processes as any negative emotion.

All it takes is thought and repetition.

Remember when you are saying thanks for something, it has already happened (just like the thing you were getting anxious about) and can be programmed into the brain to help predict your future so you feel gratitude for one thing and you can predict more things are coming to be grateful for.

Some coincidence or opportunity  will land in our lap the minute you begin to open your heart to gratitude.

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