You Must See It Until You Can See It

That sounds like a kinda strange thing to say but that is the intention; to get you to think for a minute.

You must see it. That means you must see whatever it is you want, a partner, a lifestyle, a job, lose weight, get healthier. You must envision all those things mentally first. Allied to that you must be able to believe that whatever it is you are looking at, that you can achieve it. You must believe that you can persevere even when the going gets tough and you must see it in your mind’s eye constantly and consistently. Until you can see it. That means until you see the manifestation of whatever it is you wanted to see or achieve.

In between can be the hard part when perseverance and consistency is needed especially when it feels like nothing much has changed. But a bigger challenge is to take action and continue to take action, one step of the stairs at a time and have faith that the next step is there for you when you need to move on.

If  you want to see something then you are looking to change something either small or drastic in your life. And change means that you have to change what you have done up to now. Clearly it hasn’t served you the way you thought it would or you wouldn’t want to be changing it.

Visualisation can help when the going gets tough to add a small or a sound or to anchor the feeling by repeating some physical practice like  The fingerhold practice which is simple to do. You practice relaxed breathing and holding a finger of your left hand with your right hand. Each finger (and thumb) can represent a different emotion like worry, stress, scared, upset etc but in this case they will be the look of what you want to see in your future, another can be the colour of it, another the location of this thing you desire. Fingerholds are something anybody  or child can learn and can help to manage emotions and stress.

The main thing is to get over any speed bumps along the way to your desired outcome so that you can physically see what you saw mentally earlier.

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