The title of this post is sure to offend some people. Those people could say ‘How dare you imply that I somehow own this life, that I chose this life? I didn’t choose to get slapped around. I didn’t choose to get born to a drug-addicted mother. I didn’t choose to live in a slum. How dare you! I’m a victim here. I am life’s victim. This is why I make bad choices.
‘This is why my health is this way. This is why I’m surrounded by bad people. How dare you! Nobody wants to choose this. Get off your high horse. Who do you think you are?” and on and on it goes.

However, here’s the problem. When that is your default response to any kind of uplifting and empowering message regarding your ownership of your life and your destiny through your choices, what do you end up achieving?

That’s right. You end up stuck. You end up making the same kind of decisions over and over again because at the back of your head, change is not possible. It’s not possible because you don’t own you’re life. You’re just drifting from thing to thing and calling it life.

You were just born into it. You are at the mercy of people and situations beyond your control. Your life is not one of your making. Your decisions don’t count for much regardless of how much you aspire for the better things in life. Nothing will seem to happen because one disappointment leads to another. Pretty discouraging, right?
In fact, this is pretty downright depressing.

Unfortunately, this is the reality people choose because they refuse to take ownership of their power over their lives. In other words they see their situation as being bigger than themselves. My life whether I like to admit it or not and whether I accept it or not, is the result of my choices.

Don’t get me wrong. If you were born to a drug-addicted mother, you obviously did not have a choice about that. You obviously did not have a choice when your father abandoned your family or slapped you around when you were a little kid. You obviously didn’t choose to get beaten up by the schoolyard bully over and over again.

All these traumas are NOT consciously chosen by people. Let’s get that out of the way. What you can choose is your response to those. When you become an adult or when you have the capacity, you can make other decisions.

You don’t have to stay there. You can work. You can take a low-paying job and scale up from there. You can choose to get educated. You can choose to show up in school on time, do the necessary work, aim to get good grades, and then move on.

I’m not saying it’s easy but the decisions to lead a better life are there to be made. You just have to follow those decisions. There’s always a decision to be somewhere and that’s why our lives are a reflection of our decisions. Our decisions, on the other hand, are reflections of our mindset.

If you are sick and tired of feeling like you’re life’s victim, stop being a victim by saying, “I am responsible for how I respond to life. I’m going to start making different decisions. I’m going to stick to those decisions. I’m going to commit myself to a different outcome.”
None of this is easy especially if you’re born with very little advantages and resources but just as many people who have lifted themselves up from the worst form of abuse and poverty and turned themselves into billionaires and role models, you can do the same and it all begins with a simple revolution. It all begins with taking ownership of your complete being. This doesn’t just include your conscious mind. This also includes every aspect of your mind including your subconscious.

You owe it to yourself. In life, there are only two types of people: victims or victors. Which one are you? Which one do you choose to be?

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